About Root Cause Farm


Growing community solutions to hunger.


We envision a just, equitable, resilient food system where all types of hunger are nourished.

Core Values:

  • Equity and social justice within the food system and beyond
  • Intentionality in everything
  • Honesty, humility and heart
  • Integrity and inclusion
  • Gratefulness and generosity

Our team:

Jess Prax, Farm Manager
Becca Malloy, Outreach and Development Coordinator
Ta'rin'ii Isner, Assistant Farm Manager

Our board of directors:

  • Kiera Bulan, Chair
  • Mark Dempsey, Vice Chair
  • Savannah Boothe, Secretary
  • Hallie Payne, Treasurer
  • Kelly Hollinger, Land Chair
  • Michele Gregory, General Board
  • Ciaran Brennan, General Board