Come and Join Us!

EVERYONE is welcome at Root Cause Farm

A critical part of being a community solution to hunger is community! Whether you are a lifelong gardener or have no idea which end of a carrot is up, we would love to have you join us. We are volunteer-driven, and we rely on the passion, energy, talent, and willingness of hundreds of volunteers like you to help provide fresh, nutrient-dense produce to those experiencing food insecurity.

The size of our garden is directly proportional to the size of our volunteer base, so the more volunteers, the more food grown!

Garden volunteers choose how little or how often they help out. Some come once a season, while others come once a week. From sowing seeds to harvesting, compost making to pulling weeds, garden volunteers do a little of everything under the guidance of our professional gardeners and their crew.

Our volunteers have the opportunity to:

    • Engage in local, direct community service
    • Enjoy meaningful work
    • Learn more about food and where food comes from
    • More deeply understand root causes of hunger and systems that perpetuate it
    • Meet others
    • Socialize with friends
    • Pick up gardening skills
    • Enjoy fresh air and exercise

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Volunteer Workdays



Join us this Summer!

Want to join us on the farm? Whether you're new to gardening or skilled in the soil, we welcome you to connect with us at Root Cause Farm.

We are in our busiest (and warmest) season, and we need your support! This month, our beds and pathways need care through weeding and mulching as our plants keep growing. Join us in stewarding this bountiful land and fighting hunger!

If you have mulch you would like to donate to our pathways, we would love to take it off your hands! 

Show up whenever works for you during our open volunteer hours above. If it is raining hard, we rest. Any updates on volunteering being cancelled will be on our social media (Facebook and Instagram).

If you have a group of 5+, please fill this form to schedule a time to come out! 

Please contact our farm manager Jess if you have any questions.  



Community Garden

We are also hosting Community Garden workdays this summer. This space is welcome for anyone looking to further their gardening experience and needs the space to grow! To get involved in this program, please reach out to our Assistant Farm Manager Ta'rin'ii.