Our Programs

Workshops and classes:

We think that learning together is a way for us all to get to know our community more deeply and share together. We offer workshops in the garden throughout our growing season, April - October. Classes range from cooking to herbal insights, to gardening techniques and tips.


SPROUTS Summer Program

Our summer program gives children between the ages of 3 and 8, the opportunity to explore, enjoy and work in the garden for an hour a week while their parent or guardian works with our garden crew.

We created SPROUTS in response to parents who told us they want to do volunteer work while their young children spend time identifying insects, harvesting food, and planting seeds.

We have June, July and August sessions and are almost always full with returning families. We keep the class size small (9 children) to ensure a quality experience.

To sign up or for more information contact us at with SPROUTS in the subject line. Please include the month(s) you’d like to sign up for, how many children and their ages. We typically fill SPROUTS as early as February so sign up early!



Full-season interns agree to participate in the internship program from the time they arrive in late March or early April until the last day in October.

We accept two full-season interns each year and provide education, private bunkhouses, a monthly stipend, some food staples (beans, grains) and produce from the garden.

We also offer a summer internship program, which increases production and support of the garden. While we are unable to provide housing for summer interns, stipends are based on available funding.

This is an ever-changing, ever-growing endeavor, and we are constantly evaluating new and better ways to do the best and most holistic work we can do. We are seeking interns as much for their minds and hearts as for their labor.

Root Cause Farm does not discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, educational background, veteran status or any characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.

Our Training Guide

Whether you’re determined to start a Giving Garden, have an existing shared garden space and are hoping to take it to the next phase or are simply curious about the process altogether, our training manual, Gardens That Grow & Give Away Food, is a great place to begin.

In 172 pages, we explore how to think about, start and maintain a Giving Garden of any size using various models and methods so you can choose and create what works for you and your community.

Gardens That Grow Give Away Food

1. The Need (for Gardens that Give)
2. Groundwork
Purpose & Principles–The WHY Determines the HOW
First Listen
Getting Started
Steering Committees/Board Wisdom
What Type of Food Initiatives Fit You and Your Community
3. Growing a Garden that Gives Away Food
3.1 What is a Garden that Gives
3.2 Quick Start Outline for Starting a Garden that Gives
3.3 Models for Gardens that Give Away Food
3.4 Growing Methods
3.5 Start-Up Costs
3.6 Getting Started: Site Essentials, Initial Supplies and Considerations
3.7 Jobs and Responsibilities
3.8 Garden Managers
3.9 Interns
3.10 What to Grow
3.11 Growing Food
3.12 Harvest & Distribution
4. Beyond Basics
4.1 Funding
4.2 Grant Writing
4.3 Events: ‘Fun’draising & ‘Friend’raising
4.4 Building a Base of Support
4.5 Connecting with Food Recipients
4.6 Engaging Community
4.7 Leadership Skills
4.8 Partners
4.9 Projects, Programs & Initiatives
5. In Addition
5.1 Beauty & Interest
5.2 Safety & Insurance
5.3 Gardens that Give Networks–An Outline for Getting Started
5.4 Empowering Others

The creation of this important manual would not be possible without a generous grant from the
Community Foundation of Western North Carolina.

Nonprofit Garden / Mini Farm Seeks one Full Season Intern late March / early April – October 2020 and Summer Interns. We are looking for highly motivated & committed interns to assist in the daily & ever changing needs of our nonprofit garden project. Root Cause Farm, started 12 years ago as The Lord’s Acre and continues to be a nonprofit donation, educational and community-building garden. Our goal is to understand and address the many types of hunger by seeking ways of building community around gardening and food. We are intentional and hard-working, passionate about doing and improving our work, yet flexible and fun-loving and are looking for the same in our interns. In exchange for approximately 26+ hours of weekly work growing and distributing food, we offer an $800 monthly stipend, organic produce, a quality education, field trips, community outreach and immersion in a wonderful small community near Asheville. We have six acres of land with one acre under production. You can learn more about our work, our philosophy and our story here: and by checking us out on Facebook or Instagram. If you would like an application please email: Applications due Friday February 28th.