Root Cause Farm

Root Cause (ruːt kɔːz)

Definition: The most basic reason that can be identified that, when fixed, will prevent or reduce the likelihood of the problem's recurrence.

A non-profit organization creating strong, knowledgeable and empathetic communities by growing and sharing fresh, organic food. A place where people from all divides can work together for a common goal, to eliminate food insecurity. A safe place where all are welcome and where root causes of hunger are brought to light.

servings of food 
hours volunteered 
endless nourishment

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How can I help?

Root Cause Farm is a non-profit organization that works to change lives through the strengths of community and believes that nutritious food is a human right. We seek to address the nutritious, fresh food needs of everyone. We can only accomplish this with help from people like you. All donations are tax deductible.

Root Cause Farm

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